Salto Youth - Book Laser cut cover
Book Laser cut cover
Salto Youth - Swiss style binding
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Swiss style binding
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Book back cover
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Chapter spread
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Book interior spreads
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Graphic illustrations


I participate in the design of this book for the Belgian branch of SALTO-Youth associations. This milestone book is mostly made of texts from several specialised writers and researchers and we wanted the content to be clear of course, but also strong and involving.

These texts are grouped like chapters in 4 main steps to comprehend the subject. Also, more practical projects and explanations are described in the book and illustrate well the theoretical main texts. Rather than making these a chapter a part, they are printed on separate sections and placed between each chapter. As these adds-on are narrower, nevertheless unmistakable with their coloured paper, they close each chapter as well as opens the following one as tabs could do. This gives some handiness to the object, helping navigation and welcoming the reader.

The swiss style binding displays the spin of the different sections and its rhythm but also helps each page to stay wide open during its study.

The covers and chapters illustrations are inspired from the links at force between non-formal practices and the structural organisation needed to be entrepreneurial.

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Offset print
Black & 2 PMS
500 copies
Cyclus offset paper
Laser cut cover

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