Midweek - Identity 2013
Midweek - Identity 2013
Midweek - Flyer 03 recto verso
Midweek - Flyer 04 recto verso
Midweek - Flyer 05 recto verso
Midweek - Flyer 06 recto verso
Midweek - poster layout guidelines
Poster layout & guidelines
Midweek - Custom typographic guidelines
Custom typography guidelines


For Midweek promoters, wednesday night is the highlight of the week and that's why they decided to organise parties in the middle of it!

As in music, there're highlights and breaks during a week and we wanted to emphasise the idea of rhythm: we created a custom typography that enlarge the width of letters (ee) in the word 'Midweek'. Then, we applied this concept on artists' names and we extracted from this cadenced typography a graphic rhythm - unique and specific to each event - that we used as a graphic elements to design flyers and posters.

Midweek - tickets
Tickets Midweek 03

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A3 Poster

A5 printed & digital flyers

Screen printed t-shirts


Design at Alvin studio.